CEO, Head of the Art Department

Paweł Dąbrowski

In his second year of studying at the Faculty of Architecture of the Warsaw University of Technology, he briefly took up stage design. This moment has lasted for over 20 years and has resulted in hundreds of implemented projects. During studies, he also worked for four years on the architectural documentation of the Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut in Egypt, where he spent 3 months a year.

He took a several years’ break to focus mainly on scenography. When he decided to take it up again, he opened his own architectural studio Areadesign. There, among other projects, for 8 years he has been designing CD Projekt offices in Los Angeles, Shanghai, Berlin, Warsaw, Wrocław and Kraków. Over the years, he has gone back and forth between scenography and architecture. Today he knows that both professions form a whole, supplementing and strengthening each other. Experience in architecture also allows the implementation of large-scale (outdoor) scenography and such demanding projects as: a 60-meter slide with a several-meter-high iceberg, a 13-meter snow ball, a luxurious Orient Express train or a country cottage. In 2014, he founded the Scenografowie company, which uses its know-how, technical facilities and a team of people to provide comprehensive support to other scenographers and to carry out service productions for clients from abroad.

Paweł also serves as a juror at the KTR Ad Creators’ Club and Papaya Young Directors’ competition, where he also conducts workshops with young designers. Paweł’s stage designs have been awarded with the Silver KTR for the Orient Express Kinder Bueno and the Bronze KTR for the McDonald’s Snow Globe. In 2020, he receive two bronze KTRs for the iceberg slide created for McDonald’s.

See selected works of Paweł
Set Designer, 3D Modeling

Paulina Reszeć

Graduate of the Białystok University of Technology at the Faculty of Interior Design. She has been working as production designer since the first year of studies, and has been dealing with co-creating scenery for several years. She is constantly strengthening her skills of technical drawing, 3D visualization and graphics, learning new programs and staying on top of the latest design trends. She spends her free time devoting herself to computer games, books, travel, drawing and archery.

Selected works of Paweł

McDonald’s – “The Lumberjack is Moving Mountains… To the Sea”

McDonald’s – „The Lumberjack’s Burger. The Better Side of Winter”

Kinder Bueno – „Orient Express”

Smakowita – „Thanks to Grains!”

Allegro – „Grandma”

Audi – „The Insider”

Qatar Airways – „A Safety Video Like Never Before”

Huawei – Huawei „Mate 10 Pro”
Deliveroo – “Food freedom”
Avios – „Do More with Avios”

Plus – „ME Without subscription for 6 months!”

Plus – „Amusement Park”

Redd’s – „Cranberry”
Plus – „Hologram”
Black Energy Drink – „Mike Tyson”