We deal with the construction of advertising, stage, event and film scenery. We design interiors, we reconstruct sea containers, we create furniture. If for some reason you feel that your project is not feasible, please send it to us. We will dispel your doubts. The strength of our company lies in the fact that we create great things in an impossible time. There is often little of it, and yet the effect of our work results in another order. We are truly enthusiasts of challenges and non-standard projects. On top of that, we are committed to environmental stewardship. We reuse materials that have already been used. We clean, segregate and minimize the waste that we recycle.

HBO “The Last of Us”

Smakowita “Thanks to Grains!”

McDonald’s “The Better Side of Winter is Coming”

Dollar Shave Club

Allegro “Couple”, “Grandma”, “Friends”

Theraflu “Powerful relief”

McDonald’s “The Lumberjack is Moving Mountains… To the Sea”

Kinder Bueno “Orient Express”

McDonald’s “The Lumberjack’s Burger. The Better Side of Winter”

Qatar Airways “A Safety Video Like Never Before”

Olej Kujawski “Two Kitchens”

CD Projekt

Prudential “Young Gods 2in1 for a Secure Future”

Plus “Honey and florist”

Deliveroo “Food freedom”

Książęce “Discover the Taste of Książęce IPA”

Millenium “Mobile App”

India Gate Restaurant

T-Mobile “Airplane”

EuroJackpot “Around The World”


Byk Bar