Co-owner, Head of Set Build Team

Kajetan Perzyński

Graduate of the Faculty of Management at the Warsaw School of Economics and at the Kozminski University. His job as is managing the construction of scenography, designed by Paweł Dąbrowski and other production designers. He has created a cohesive and versatile team of specialists, which is established by people who treat the phrase “impossible” like airplane fuel. It not only gives them a kick, but also provides the satisfaction of completing a task that was considered impractical. He enjoys customized designs and tying everything together on time. He is mostly inclined to spend his free time actively with his family. In summer, wakeboarding on the water, and in winter – snowboarding in the mountains.

See selected works of Kajetan
Set Build Construction Manager

Tomek Szulc

He graduated from the School of Commerce and Law at the Faculty of Economics. On completing his studies, he took up employment for Ronin, an event and promotion company, where he worked for 12 years. He was responsible for the organization and supervision of events and shop promotions for clients. He has delivered summer events, such as the beach “holiday town” in Gdańsk (for 4 years in a row) and winter events, such as weekend games on the ski slopes for families with children. At Ronin, he also dealt with fairs, and travelled all over Europe. He was responsible for organizing the construction of stands, logistics and client contact. His areas of interest include motorization and broadly understood sport; he enjoys cycling, wake boarding and snowboarding.

The Team

The driving force behind our company is our Team. Its versatility allows the implementation of non-standard projects in a time that would seem unattainable for many people. Our team consists of carpenters, joiners, welders, painters and builders. We enjoy building a 60-meter ice slide, the Orient Express train or a 13-meter ball modeled after a glass toy. And we really have fun with it!

Selected works of Kajetan

Kujawski – “Two Kitchens”

McDonald’s – „The Lumberjack’s Burger. The Better Side of Winter”

McDonald’s – “The Lumberjack is Moving Mountains… To the Sea”

Audi – “The Insider”

Książęce – “Discover the Taste of Książęce IPA”
Millenium – “Mobile App”

Allegro – “Friends”

Allegro – “Couple”

Allegro – “Grandma”

T-Mobile – “Airplane”

Qatar Airways – „A Safety Video Like Never Before”

Theraflu – “Powerful relief”

Prudential – “Young Gods 2in1 for a Secure Future”

Smakowita – “Thanks to Grains!”

Porsche 911 – “The vehicle of all time”

Huawei – “P40 Pro Director’s Cut”

Huawei – “My Huawei”

Huawei – “P40 Pro”

Deliveroo – “Food freedom”

Plush – “Massage salon”

EuroJackpot – “Around the World”

Samsung x Maffashion – “It just so happens to be the future”

Plus – “Florist and Honey”
Burt’s Bees Skin Care – “Renewal”

Castorama – “Bathrooms”

T-Mobile – “Don’t skip, keep on running”

Theraflu – “Powerful relief” (making of)

Durex – “Tightly?”

Plus – “Kitten”

Plus – “Sheep”